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Add the picture hanging hardware on the back of the scrap wood about 3.5” in from both sides.

Measure your scrap wood so that there are 5 points evenly marked on the back of the wood. Each point should be spaced about 4.5” apart. Screw in the screws from the back to the front of the wood until they’re flush with the back.

Select your wine corks so that they snugly fit into the door knobs. Screw the corks onto the screws until secure. Optional – put colored paper on to ends of the wine corks.

Fit the door knobs over the corks.

Now you’re ready to hang your coat rack on the wall. Measure the distance between the center of the picture hanging hardware and lightly mark two spots on the wall. Attached screws or nails at the spots marked. Place your coat rack on the wall and keep this project hanging around.

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How to: Door knob coat rack

Add a new twist to used doorknobs and upcycle them into this coat rack that you’ll adore.


Not everybody has five old and unused doorknobs just sitting around. I found mine at Big Reuse, but local architectural salvage stores, thrift shops, and ebay are all great resources for finding old fixtures like door knobs.



5 hollow door knobs

5 wine corks

scrap piece of wood approximately 27” long

5 screws 1.5” long

2 sets of picture hanging hardware



tape measurer




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