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1. If there are any wheels left on the wagons, then take them off. If the wagon beds need a little paint touch-up or gloss coating, do that now. Determine which order you’d like your red wagons stacked. Then, with the middle wagon bed, place flanges in each corner and mark the centers. If your wagons are dramatically different in size, attach flanges on the ends and make sure the flanges will fall inside the bed area when stacked and attached. Adjust if necessary.

2. Using a metal step drill bit, drill holes to slightly larger than ¾” at each of the marked spots.

3. Attach the two 12” pipes with a coupling in the middle. Insert the pipe through the bottom of the wagon bed and affix flanges on either end.

4. Stack the wagons with the top one above the top flange and bottom beneath the bottom flange. Mark the drill holes for affixing the machine screws and nuts. You need at least 2 holes per flange.

5. Drill through the marked holes on both wagon beds. Make sure the hole is large enough for the machine screw to easily slide through.

6. Line up the castors on the bottom wagon bed. The holes can be used for both a flange on top and castor on the bottom. Make sure you’ll have clearance for attaching the machine screws. You may want to set the castors in closer towards the center. Mark the holes, at least two per castor.

7. Drill out the holes to accommodate the castors.

8. Affix the machine screws attaching the flanges and castors to the red wagon beds. You’re ready to take your new minibar for a spin!

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How to: Off the wagon minibar

Give your liquor its own license to an upcycled ride!

When my kitchen was in drastic need of a makeover, I wanted to mix in some playful elements, along with a hint of vintage. Since salvaged materials are a staple of my work, it didn’t take long to land on little red wagons as that perfect mix of cheerful and vintage.


I found my first two red wagons at the Philadelphia Flea Market. Adding one more after some searching on eBay completed the trio. 


Once you have your materials, your mini bar is ready start rolling into its transformation.


3 red wagons beds

2 locking 4” castors

2 standard 4” castors​

8 black pipes 12” long​

8 flanges ½”​

28 couplings ½”​

machine screws and bolts


marker or pencil

tape measure

power drill or drill press

metal step drill bit

work gloves

safety goggles

and a friend to help, is a great idea, too! I got a helping hand from my good friend Kat, who helped me redo give my entire kitchen.

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