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1. Choose a piece of scrap wood that is long enough to allow for an inch between each latch. Place your piece of scrap wood on a flat surface with the back side facing up and attach your picture hanging hardware at two points equidistant from both edges.

2. Flip your wood to the front and arrange your door latches as you’d like. Secure  each latch in place with screws.

3. Now you’re ready to hang your key holder on the wall. Measure the distance between the center of the picture hanging hardware and lightly mark two spots on the wall. Attached screws or nails at the spots marked. Hang your key holder and give your keys a place to call home. 

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How to: Door latch key rack

I’ve always said that I can tell how complicated my life is based on the number of keys I regularly carry around on my keychain. House keys, office keys, bike key, car key, neighbor’s keys. Sometimes it’s best to filter through them and have a set of basic necessity keys and one mega ring as a catch all.


Now that I’m a homeowner, my keychain seems to have grown and I was in need of a bigger key rack for my keys to call home. I always love it when my upcycled projects reference the original life of an object, so I went on a search for something door related. A trip to my local architectural salvage store called Restore provided the inspiration for this project. I found these beautiful, vintage door latches that didn’t have a partnering latch closure. Since I only needed the knob side, these orphan latches were the perfect supply for this project. If you don’t have an architectural salvage store or flea market nearby, you can try eBay. Try out this turn-key project and unlock the perfect place to house all of your keys.


4 – 5 vintage spring loaded door or cabinet latches

scrap piece of wood 

 2 sets of picture hanging hardware



drill or screwdriver





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