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1. Make sure your wine bottles are clean and dry, and labels and glue are completely removed.


2. Make stencils from electrical tape. Draw letters on top of electrical tape with a pen. Then, carefully cut out your stencil with a craft knife. You can stencil the words “oil” and “vinegar” or come up with your own design.

3. Apply your tape stencil to the jar. With a cloth between your hands and the jar (so you don’t get fingerprints on it), smooth down the tape stencil so there are no gaps or air bubbles. Use long strips of tape to divide areas and make stripes on your jars.

4. Apply Etchall glass-etching cream with a clean paintbrush. Follow the instructions for use on the packaging. Once you’ve applied the etching cream, let it sit for about 5 minutes. Be patient, and don’t touch your project.

5. Follow the instructions on the etching-cream package for washing the cream from the glass. When the glass is wet, it’s hard to see the etched area. Don’t worry—if you followed the instructions from the etching cream, it worked just fine!

6. Remove the tape stencil and wash the glass one more time with soap and water.

Fill up your bottles with oil and vinegar. Add the pour spouts. Your newly etched wine bottles are ready for reuse.

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How to: Etched Oil and Vinegar wine bottles

It’s so satisfying to personalize glass with etching cream - the process is quick and simple and the results will leave an impression! Etching the words “oil” and “vinegar” are a great dressing for empty wine bottles. Soon you’ll be etching everything in your house - you can customize drinking glasses, storage jars, and more! Recycled, etched glass makes a beautiful gift for family and friends.


Etching the words “oil” and “vinegar” are a great dressing for empty wine bottles.

Simple, glass-etched text is great for dressing up empty wine bottles

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