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How to: Necktie guitar strap

Dress up your Father’s Day gift with this rockin’ upcyclin’ project!

This project is perfectly “suited” for dressing up those outdated ties in the back of your dad’s closet. At one time those big, polyester stripes were just in style. It’s time to hit the replay button and let that necktie play a different tune. Refashion his necktie into a simple guitar strap. You’ll have a chart-topping gift that didn’t cost a dime.


- necktie

- ruler

- fabric scissors

- 1 ½” wide slide and tri-glide

- needle and thread or sewing machine


1. Cut off the tip of your tie 4.5” from the skinny end.


2. Take this piece and slip the slide through the cut end. With the wrong side of the tie facing up, fold the cut end down to keep the slide in place. Sew the fold in place with a running stitch.


3. Take the long necktie piece and slide the cut end through the tri-glide. Then, slide the end through the slide and back up and around the center of the tri-glide. Fold the cut end down about 1”. Stitch in place with a running stitch.


4. Create buttonholes on each end of the necktie, starting about ¾” from the end. Make the buttonhole about ¾” in length. It’s best to keep the buttonhole on the tighter side because you want to ensure a secure fit on the guitar. Attach each end to your guitar. This new camera strap is ready to make its big debut!

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