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Choose your door. A solid door is best. Then, paint your door and let dry. If you’re using acrylic house paint, then coat with a layer of shellac after the paint is dry.

Attach the table legs to the four corners on the bottom side of the door. If you’re using a hollow door, make sure the legs come to the edge, to ensure that the screws are fully secured.

Flip your table over. Add glass, if you’d like. If you have beveled panels like my door, measure the panels and subtract a ¼” from your measurements. Either get your glass cut at your local hardware, framing store, online;  or do-it-yourself ! I recommend glass that’s at least ¼” thick. If you’re bevel is more than ¼”, then use rubber spacers to make the glass flush with the rest of the table surface. If you’re cutting your own, you can upcycle glass from old tabletops. You can also cover the entire door, if you’d like, just be extremely careful of sharp edges. Your door turned table is the perfect portal into more repurposing projects!

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How to: Door table

A door turned table is a project you’ll adore!


Creating a table out of an old door can really be as simple as 1-2-3. The best places to find an old door are asking neighbors or friends, or even in your own basement, which is where I found mine. My landlord was happy to part with one of the many forgotten from long ago. You can also try a local architectural salvage shop.


If you’ve never upcycled old furniture, this project will open the door to just how simple it is, once you’ve found the right piece. And if you like the patchwork chairs pictured below, stay tuned to this blog, because that project is coming up soon.



an old door

4 table legs like Adils from Ikea

¼” glass (optional)

rubber spacers (optional)



paint brush or roller



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